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If you need spiritual help please do not hesitate to email us at:

If you are interested in speaking to someone right now about how to begin

a personal relationship with Jesus Christ call at:

888-NEED HIM or 888-633-3446

If you want to talk to somebody in person, please contact the pastor or the missionary

of a Bible-believing church in your area.

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for a Free Subscription or Prayer Request

By the grace of God, we offer this E-Mail Ministry free, even though it costs us a lot to operate. In return, we only ask for you to pray for this ministry and for us. Also, as you enjoy the Spiritual Notes and receive blessings through them, please share with others by forwarding to your friends and loved ones or recommend them to others or send us their email addresses so we can include them on our email list. The names, mailing addresses and email addresses will be kept confidential and will never be provided to any other individual or organization.


Please do not keep all the blessings to yourself. Whatever you have is worth twice as much when you share it! Remember, sharing is caring!

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If you have a prayer request

or wish to receive free the Spiritual Note by email,

please fill out the contact form.

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