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Some of the many comments we have received

from around the world

for the Spiritual Note ministry!

" wife and I enjoy your messages very much... thank you for the wonderful work you do in reaching people across the world… It is simply a heart-response and to let you know we read what you lovingly and prayerfully present... Dr. Edward K."

Professor at a Christian college, U.S.A.

"...Thank you so much for your ministry and encouragement received through "A Spiritual Note." It is indeed a worthy ministry of God which speaks to the heart! Yours in Christ. Dr. John K."

Professor of Biblical Studies, and Director of a Greek Bible College, GREECE


"...Thank you for such a wonderful ministry. It has been such a blessing to me getting all your inspiring, well prepared and thoughtful material... Keep up the good work. May the Lord bless you for all your efforts... Basil Z."

Pastor and Host of an Int'l TV Christian Program, CANADA

"....Thank you so much for sending me the Spiritual Note... What amazing information...

I would like to get more of your materials so that my spirit can be fed, and fed and fed. Your messages have made me be a strong woman...I pray the Lord to keep you and give you the power for blessing so many souls around the world. Thank you very much, Ted. May the Lord give you and your wife more years so that you may touch the whole world with your materials. Zanele M."

Registered Nurse, SWAZILAND

"...Your messages are fantastic and very uplifting. I am blessed every day by your wonderful God-given ministry, may the Lord richly bless your spirit, soul, and body...I am looking forward every day for those uplifting messages...Thank you again for your wonderful ministry which helps me to grow as a Christian every day...Kindest Regards, Liz W."

Christian worker, SOUTH AFRICA

"... I didn't know any other wonderful ministry on the Internet that ministers to so many people every day like the Spiritual Note...Dr. Ralf M."

Senior pastor and author, U.S.A.

"Hello, brother and sister. I just noticed a Greek newspaper with a whole article written on your lives...God bless you as you continue to serve and follow him, and endure to the end, and He will be faithful to reward you both! Harry P."

Lawyer, U.S.A.

“... Many thanks for your S.N... and wishing you the Lord's continued blessing on all your work and witness for Christ in these days. Yours in the bonds of eternal love. James B."

Author and host of a Christian TV program, ENGLAND

"Dear precious man of God, I have been blessed by your spiritual notes. They are blessing especially to the ministers and those who are become professional and losing the sight of the judgment seat of Christ and eternity... Thank you so much. Remain to bless. Christ bondservant, Christopher J."


"Ted your messages are so wonderful...I can tell all the love you put into it each and every day!!! Praise the Lord for giving you the talent to share with the rest of the world the word of the Lord!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Love, Carole G."

Secretary of a county school system, U.S.A.

“...This is a brief note to tell you once again how thankful I am to you for all your inspiring messages, your Christian love and your devotion to the Lord. I enjoyed reading them and praise the Lord for this great ministry He has entrusted you. I praise the Lord for bringing you in my way. You are an encouragement to millions of other people and to me. May the Lord bless you and make all of us who receive the S.N. very thankful to God and to you... George K"

Journalist and Editor of Int’l Greek Christian publication, GREECE

“...Thank you for your services to our Lord...we pray for you all and for your work...May God Richly Bless you, Very Sincerely, in Jesus. Brother TSK"

Evangelist, INDIA

"Thank you and thanks to the friend who gave you my email address...I am a teacher of seniors in public high school... It is difficult to be away from your spiritual leaders and to always make the right choices. Thanks for your ministry and most of all your love of God. Peggy F."

High school teacher, U.S.A.

"...I enjoy your messages very much... pray for both of you and your ministry. G.M."

Scientist, JAPAN


"...I appreciate your ministry very much. All your "Spiritual Notes" are very - very good. In my opinion, the Spiritual Note "CHARACTER IS A VICTORY, NOT A GIFT" is not simply very-very good; it is excellent!..."

Dr. John B." Dept. of agriculture, BELGIUM

"...we are receiving the Spiritual notes. They are edifying and worthwhile. Thank you for your tireless efforts to spread the Gospel and encourage others around the world... We enjoy and appreciate your communications. We pray the Lord to bless and strengthen you... The Lord be praised. Larry P."

Missionary, ITALY

“...I appreciated seeing what you are doing as a ministry... I read every bit of your email each day...I pray the Lord to bless your wonderful ministry. Maranatha! Detlef M."

Author and Newspaper editor, GERMANY

"...Thank you so much for your Spiritual Notes and your testimony. It is a big blessing to me...Praise God for your ministry on the internet...God bless you. T.C"


"...kindly enlist my name on your email for S.N. as I have received this from a friend and he advised me to enroll...Yours in Christ. D."


"Thanks very much for your loving kindness that you are able to send me the Spiritual Notes.. the notes are very important, and my ministry as a whole is being assisted with these... Obvious C."


"My Dear Brother in Christ, Thank you very much for including my name in your e-mailing list for having your SPIRITUAL NOTES...My wife and I with my three children go through your pages every time we receive them, and we praise our Lord for your zeal and efforts to serve GOD with truth and love...Love in Christ, Andy, H."

Pastor and Author, FRANCE

"...I receive the SN, it is so good...Please send me the one with the graphics and pictures. Pastor Sam A."


"...I really appreciate your ministry. May God continually bless your ministry! I really thank God for the opportunity He gave me to know your ministry after I have received a calendar card with a spiritual note from the Bible through a visiting Pastor from U.S.A as a present ...Tang M."

Theological Seminary Student, MYANMAR

"Thank you for your ministry. Please pray for our country one day to have free religion policy...God bless you and your family. Viet N."


"...Ted stay in my heart and my prayers. Blessings on your valuable work... Ann R."

Relationship consultant, U.S.A.


"...I thank God for His faithfulness in providing people like you at such a great hour of need for me. Thank you for the encouragement ...Thank you for your package...My health has improved remarkably... Thank you so much for your prayers for me and your entire ministry to me.

I continue to trust and not despair. I am thankful for yours and your family’s love for me. The Lord shall bless your labor of love...Sincerely yours, Nathan S."

Engineer, NIGERIA

I would like to receive the Spiritual Note about God's Word, the Living Creator, and Christ. Thank you and God bless you, Pavilina T."


"...May our Lord be glorified by your faithful service. Ours in His love, A.K.O."


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