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By Ted Matamis,

Founder and Editor Of the Free International Email Ministry

"A Spiritual Note from the Bible."

The JOURNEY and DESTINY of a Christian

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The paperback and hardcover book, as well as the eBook,

is available on AMAZON.

The hardcover book is available also on Barnes & Noble, Walmart Books, 

Book Depository, Abe Books, Better World Books, Alibris, and Indie Bound.

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Spiritual Food

“And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man 

shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.”

Luke 4:4

The Journey and Destiny of a Christian, recommended by many Christian leaders, pastors, theologians, missionaries, teachers, and others.

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"Usually I find books and writing of a devotional nature rather dull and boring (I don't know why) but this book, The Journey and Destiny of a Christian, is not like that. It is a wonderful and readable assortment of thoughts, quotations, and illustrations that are challenging, thought-provoking, and interesting, all at the same time. I recommend that you get this book, and I am sure you will find many profitable ideas and truths that will bless

your soul."

— Dr. James R. Hines, Retired Senior Pastor, Author

"Ted Matamis has drawn on his life-long love for the Bible and brings together these warm-hearted devotions that consistently point to our Lord Jesus Christ and show how His grace is sufficient for all circumstances."

— Colin S. Smith, Senior Pastor, Author and Bible Teacher on Unlocking the Bible

"In the book, The Journey and Destiny of a Christian, Ted Matamis has masterfully managed, through God's enabling, to give us in a simple and comprehensive way biblical truth which is both biblically sound and practical in its orientation."

— John P. Kremidas, Ph.D. Professor of Biblical Studies

"There are many Internet websites and books which seek to glorify the Lord. I have found Ted Matamis' SPIRITUAL NOTES FROM THE BIBLE and his book, The Journey and Destiny of a Christian, to provide a variety of research on various topics which feed the soul. It has given me ample food for thought in seeking the Lord."

— Larry Pieri, Pastor, and Missionary

​Christian Book Reviews

“I recently read the book The Journey and Destiny Of A Christian by Ted Matamis that shares 100 Biblical topics... They’re clear and concise for any level of Christian to read and understand.  This isn’t the type of book to read once and forget. It can be read over and over again for a lifetime. Each of the 100 Biblical topics carries a strong impact and follows through with the daily activities and problems we all face... I gave it 5 stars on To read my review and learn more this dynamic book, go to

I recommend this book for individuals seeking to understand God’s truth and how to live it in Christ and for churches and Bible study groups.  It clearly shows what it means to be a Christian!”

Review and Video by Margaret Lukasik,

Author and Christian book Reviewer –  Victory Thru Christ 

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This book will encourage your heart and bless your soul.

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Have a Blessed  Day!

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